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Hello reader. I, the person writing, am a 10 year old unschooling girl named Makayla. I’ve never been to school for a single day of my life, but I did learn through my life experiences. And I’m here to give some examples of how I’ve learned simply by living life.

I felt pretty awkward writing this because everything just felt so natural to me, the things I learned didn’t feel like a huge event or something I had to push myself to achieve. It just happened over time. It just kind of came. This didn’t feel like writing some kind of article, it was just me writing about the only way I’ve lived.

I learned to read through playing games and roleplaying. I’d often find myself asking my mom, brothers or dad how to spell something. With time I began to remember how to spell words I used often and started asking my family how to spell less and less.

Another way I learned to read is by watching Youtubers that play video games with text that they’d read aloud.  When I found a word I could read, I’d read it and continue to follow along as they talked.  As I continued doing this I began to recognise these words. I even remembered how to spell the characters’ names.

A lot of the things I learned, I learned from one of my biggest hobby – Gaming. By playing many games and many different kinds of games.  Gaming is something I’ve always grown up with. I started with Minecraft and grew to play many games that I still love to this day! Gaming has given me some of my bestest friends and most amazing memories. I could never forget the joy I’ve gotten from each game I’ve played.

I do a lot of online role-playing, so I did have to know how to read and write. This came naturally as I continued to live life the way I did, which put me in an environment where I needed to read and write.

My more recent hobbies include reading, writing fanfiction about the fandoms I’m in and drawing. Though I still have my main gaming and roleplaying hobby.

I began reading books very recently, when I discovered a series called Warrior Cats.  Though the first time I learned that I enjoyed reading books, was on my holiday in India with my family.

I’ve been writing fanfiction a lot this year and late last year and I’ve been loving it. Writing had become one of my main hobbies, and I’m happy to say, I’m proud of where I’ve gotten in writing.

For the past few months, I’ve been doing a lot of drawing. It started as digital drawing on my phone, but I started drawing more often when I started traditionally (pencil and paper). When I started, I was very insecure about my art, but I now am very happy with my art, and draw often. I never took any classes or anything for it, but I did get a lot of help from my friends (who are amazing artists!).

I already know what my goals are. I want to be a therapist. Not a very common childhood dream, but it’s not a dream. It’s a goal.  It is something I’m working toward. I have many more goals, like writing professionally and doing cheap art commissions. These goals are not what others expect of me or what I was brought up with. It’s what makes me happy. They are my passions, and just another part of me. It’s not really a goal, if it’s a burden, a goal is a choice, not an expectation. (I tried to make good quotes okay, lmao.)

With all that said, to get to where I am now and to do everything I’ve done, I’ve just learned by living my life.

And that was my cheesy little article on unschooling! Which I started a while ago and recently edited a bunch because it was cringey, lmao. My mom asked my brothers and I to write an article so, here you go, lol. {You can see I’m a gamer ? }

If you’re thinking about unschooling, I highly recommend it! Your children are beautiful and amazing, they’ll be able to learn more naturally and happily on their own then in a classroom where they’re forced to be 🙂   

If you’re already an unschooling parent, then I really hope you’re enjoying your experience and I hope you’re bonding with your kid!

If you’re a child, unschooled or not, never give up! There is so much for you to see and learn, never forget that you can learn on your own too!  But always have the wisdom to accept help. No one can get somewhere alone, and no one should!

Well, I hope you enjoyed this little writing piece of mine. Thanks for reading and bye! ?


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