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Riverstone Village

A fully Democratic and Self-Directed Learning community inspired by Sudbury Valley School and the ‘University of Robben Island’.


Ferndale, Randburg, Johannesburg



Re-imagined Learning Community

Nestled in the busy Joburg city lies a community of people engaging in a melting pot of knowledge. This multigenerational and multi-cultured community functions through workshops in food, music, visual and performance arts , permaculture and so much more , where a unique path of education is formed for everyone who enters the space.
Guest Facilitators from around the world occasionally visit the space with the intention to learn something and teach something . This high stimuli community promotes self directed education with strong ethos in community and agency.


Troyeville, Johannesburg South




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North Coast Sudbury Project

Self-directed democratic learning space based on the KZN North Coast


Salt Rock, KZN


Planning Phase


Freerange Education Learning Centre

Freerange Education Learning Centre is a part of a global network of micro-schools, called Agile
Learning Centers (ALC). ALCs are on a mission to restore the joy of learning with a
surprisingly effective educational approach: intentional culture supporting self-directed learning
reinforced by agile management tools.

We are a democratic space and believe in learning through hands-on, spontaneous real-world experiences
based in the community. We recognise each young person as an individual, and strive to support their unique path of self-discovery.


Running (3+ years)


We are situated on a farm just outside Whiteriver in Mpumalanga.
We have plenty of space indoors and outdoors.
We have access to a nature trail, sport field, swimming pool,
woodwork shed and we have our own veggie garden.

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