I just listened to the interview about unschooling. One of the questions was about qualifications. My daughter is 17. She tried the Cambridge curriculum and found it wasn’t for her. She then decided to spend some time in the family business. In a matter of weeks she had learned admin processes, stock control and sales skills in a practical environment. It’s been just over a year now and the sales staff often ask her for advice with difficult customers. She also trains new staff and runs a weekly training session for all staff. She orders and processes new stock. In short she has learned the functional elements of retail store management in less than 2 years in a practically applicable way. This is a young human without a matric. Learning is measured by the ability to function and adapt to new situations. The piece of paper is irrelevant.

Karmilla Kamy Pillay-Siokos

We are a new self directed learning family, the freedom, flexibility and lifestyle are liberating. Its also very real … kids immersed in real life issues and challenges, learning from the actual world, involved in issues that matter in SA, not forced into the controlled environment of school for endless hours, days and years. Mainstream wants everyone to fit into one box and then want to medicate when kids cant. School culture and curriculum are also problematic from a decolonial perspective.

Safiyyah Surtee

My 11 year old “dyslexic” daughter is writing a book and reads out of choice now…
She was 10 when she stepped out of school

Beth Simes

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