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LRC 2018: The journey has begun … and I am unpacking what it is I want to pack

Monica Da Silva

Blessings, on this last day of a reflective October 2018 


This year has been the beginning of immense transformation … physically, mentally and emotionally 
I’ve experienced my highest highs and lowest lows
The kind that beckons gratitude, in joy as well as in pain
Turning points within a lifetime … always bring a little of the unexpected. Just like a sharp hairpin bend

As a mother of two wondrous beings words of gratitude, appreciation and thanks go out to you and the team
 Being part of a collective community that shares in my own hopes and dreams was liberating
I felt supported, I wasn’t alone and reassured that I was traveling this path along with many others … all within different points within the path
I felt part of a solution and not a “problem”
 A part of change and positive transformation 
It was liberating
What a high

The journey of homeschooling is new for our entire extended family dynamic … being Portuguese …. 
Think “My Big fat Greek Wedding” but the Movie Title reads “Homeschooling the kids” #exclamationmark #WTF #AREUQUALIFIED #BomDeus  #howwilltheysocialise 
So upwards and onwards I thought … fast forward 7 months on with No regrets but realising that this journey requires playful stamina, imaginative focus and pure heart
Leaving LRC Sunday afternoon re-affirmed much of this 
I also left feeling so overwhelmed … I was battling to breath … I felt like the person I was, wasn’t “good enough” … I want to be more, do more – within myself   
It made me question my authenticity … who was I really, who was I at the core of my being  –  Beauty yes, but beauty how … how within the action of it all 
What new habits did I want to form, what new thought patterns did I want to formulate
And practically speaking how on earth was this going to work … for me, Ethan, Ayden, Marco and my extended Portuguese family
What a low

11 days on I find myself questioning and abolishing  “rules” for the understanding of liberation lives within my heart
11 days on I find myself consulting as opposed to controlling for a new found respect is understood  
Its left me yearning to explore more, understand more, immerse myself more
And be apart of a community who recognises, supports and celebrates an individuals uniqueness

I look forward to LRC 2019
I look forward to seeing the change that has taken place within us all 
You guys are legends 🙂 
Thank You for being the change and for opening up a space for us all to come together

Practical actions and desires post LRC 2018 (some of my notes and thoughts … WIP):

  • Change within self – Peeling back the layers … unschooling of self
    • Unpacking the workables and unworkables … stand naked
    • Observe impact and change of self and others
    • Play more, draw more, dance more, yoga more, listen more, see more, feel more 

    • Desire: Mentorship in self and family development  

  • A day in the life of SDL/Homeschooled/Unschooled family 

    • Understand the day to day nuances and activities  … practically, how does this work

    • Identify elements which make up one and each family members DOS (Definition of Success) 

    • Establish values and goals – shared and individual 

    • Determine pain points, challenges, areas of conflict and more importantly how to overcome them 

    • Explore Ways of Communicating and Learning 

      • Aided vs. unaided 

      • Guided vs. unguided 

    • Spend time with youth / young adults (SDL and Schooled … thoughts, views, actions, dreams, hopes, desires and experiences
    • Desire: Shadow and Research 

  • Visit SDE centre(s) as a family 

    • Build community spirit  

BUT FIRST and for NOW – the unpacking of SELF continues as well the 2 PWC Bike track courses which want to be challenged by a 38, 7 and 4 years young today.
Much love and gratitude Until soon 
Monica Da Silva 

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