Open Sessions

We’re adding the open sessions as they are confirmed.  If you want to offer an open session, there’s a space to do so as part of the registration form, or you can send an email after you have completed your registration. If you’re in two minds and need help in refining your offering you can get that discussion going in the Learning Reimagined Conference Facebook group or send an email to discuss first.
You don’t have to be an expert in something in order to host a session.  That you care about or are interested in something is more than enough. You can offer to be a space holder for the session, and hold the space together for people to gather and share around a specific topic.

Possible types of sessions:

  • Q & A sessions
  • Interactive Sessions
  • Meet ups around a specific theme/issue
  • Presentations
  • Games (Dungeons and Dragons, Werewolf, Frisbee…)
  • Sharing an idea/proposal/research/project
  • Advocating for a project
  • The list is much longer, but you get the idea…



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