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Please join us online in conversation with Adebayo C. Akomolafe

What happens when we sit with uncertainty not as an obstacle but as a partner?
What changes when we think of our children as agents of their own learning adventures?
What becomes different when we rethink the assumption that education and teachable moments are few and far between – happening only in the classroom?
What kinds of futures can we anticipate and prepare for if the very status of jobs, nation-states, legacy institutions and conventional politics are no longer sure and absolute?

Bayo is one of the featured speakers at Learning Reimagined 2018.  He has authored two books, ‘We Will Tell Our Own Story!’ and ‘These Wilds Beyond our Fences: Letters to My Daughter on Humanity’s Search for Home’; is a much sought after speaker and a breathtaking writer both in his weaving together of words and the ideas he presents.

It would be an honour to have you join us in conversation with Bayo.

Date: Thursday, 2 August
Time: 15:30 GMT +2 (South Africa Time)

Where:  Online Via Zoom.  
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The Recording of this Conversation
Learning Reimagined Online With Bayo, Akilah and Kaolin is now on Youtube.

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