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There’s a facebook meme making it’s rounds in unschooling circles that reads

I practice the new, extreme parenting…
I call it treating me children like human beings.

It’s only new to Western domination culture. New and extreme.

But for many cultures – treating children like human beings was/is a norm.  It was the march of ‘civilisation’, courtesy of colonialism and western imperialism that came and killed off this way of living and learning with children replacing it with a particularly savage form of parenting and relating to young people.

See this quote from part of a longer piece by Leanne Betasamosake Simpson

“If children learn to normalise dominance and non-consent within the context of education, then non-consent becomes a normalised part of the ‘tool kit’ of those who have and wield power… This is unthinkable within Nishnaabeg intelligence.”

I do wonder what kind of status children lived with prior to the European mass murder of women (witch hunt doesn’t convey the horror of that period adequately).

#DecolonisingParenting #DecolonisingChildhood

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