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Natural Born Learners ~ Edited By Beatrice Ekwa Ekoko and Carlo Ricci
A series of essays that were once radio interviews. This books is a wonderful reflection of the diversity of thought in the natural learning, self directed education world.
Divided into three sections, the first part of the book deals with what constitutes a learner-centered approach to education. The second section addresses how some have implemented this approach. In the last section, learners who have lived learner-centred learning share narratives about their experiences.

Complete list of authors include:
John Taylor Gatto
Pat Farenga – who heads up
Satish Kumar whose Tedx Talk on Educating with Hands, Hearts and Heads is sublime
Roland Meighan,
Susannah Sheffer,
Aaron Falbel,
Joseph Chilton Pearce,
Gordon Neufeld,
Naomi Aldort,
Wendy Priesnitz,
John. L. Vitale,
Jerry Mintz, You have to watch this TED TALK by Jerry Mintz: What if we Trusted You.  It’s so good!
David Albert,
Mary Leue,
Grace Llewellyn,
Matt Hern,
Sandra Dodd,
Katharine Houk,
Monica Wells Kisura,
Brent Cameron,
Christine Brabant,
Seema Ahluwalia and Carl Boneshirt,
Dale Stephens,
Kate Cayley,
Kate Fridkis,
Eli Gerzon,
Candra Kennedy,
Jessica Claire Barker,
Peter Kowalke,
Idzie Desmarais,
Sean Ritchey,
Brenna McBroom,
Andrew Gilpin.

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