20/21 October, 2018

African Leadership Academy, Johannesburg, South Africa

20/21 October, 2018

African Leadership Academy, Honeydew, South Africa


Learning Reimagined

About Learning Reimagined

The Learning Reimagined Conference facilitates provocative conversations and inspiring practices in radically reimagining education.  The underlying principles of these intergenerational events are freedom and social justice. To this end, this family conference aims to create a safe space for discussions and idea-sharing around the personal, interpersonal and systemic spheres in how they relate to reimagining learning, parenting and community. We demonstrate collaborative learning communities, engage in lots of creative activities, host a documentary screening and a talent show (open to all ages)! The 2017 Learning Reimagined Conference had a broad focus.  We touched on reimagining learning, we learned from the experiences of grown unschoolers, we heard about living and learning in freedom and authentic learning, explored worldschooling, the importance of play, learning to read naturally and learned about scientific thinking being an innately human process. This year’s Learning Reimagined Conference theme is Unschooling as Decolonisation.  Join us to explore how unschooling as a way of living and learning can be a powerful tool towards decolonisation, and towards a socially just, joyous world. It is an absolute honour to host Akilah S. Richards and Adebayo Akomolafe as our special guests for Learning Reimagined 2018. Looking forward to dreaming and scheming together with you.

Looking Back on Learning Reimagined

Looking Back 

 on Learning Reimagined

Special Guests



Akilah S. Richards

Akilah S. Richards

writer | mama | partner | podcaster | digital nomad | unschooling activist

Akilah S. Richards is an unschooling podcaster, writer, and founding board member of The Alliance for Self-Directed Education.


poet | philosopher | psychologist | professor | passionate about the preposterous

Bayo Akomolafe (Ph.D.) considers his most sacred work to be learning how to be with his daughter and son, their mother, his wife and “life-nectar”.


parent | researcher | musician | artist | educator

For the past three years, seasoned musician, artist, educator, researcher and parent, Kaolin, has focussed her research on unschooling, self-directed learning, and the impact this has on our way of seeing the world.

Open Sessions



We’re adding the open sessions as they are confirmed.We’ll be constantly updating the Open Sessions Page and adding updates in the Learning  Reimagined Facebook group.




The African Leadership Academy Campus is located in a beautiful green oasis in Honeydew, Gauteng.   The venue boasts beautiful rolling lawns, an auditorium, break out rooms and much more.  It is the perfect space for conferencing Learning Reimagined style.  But you don’t have to wait until the conference to check out this amazing space, just head over to their website to get a virtual tour. If you are coming from out of Johannesburg / South Africa there’s some great information on discovering Johannesburg, some information on getting to Jhb and accommodation options close to the venue.

Conference News



Travelling, Touring, Staying in Johannesburg

Welcome to Johannesburg - Or Jozi as we locals like to call it! We imagine that most families attending the conference will be local Jozi residents. We do know that there will be quite a few families coming from further afield. Welcome! Firstly a brief history. The...

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Huge!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you to Zakiyya Ismail and Claire Madgwick for curating and creating the Learning Reimagined Family Conference this has provided so much reinforcement to the change taking place in the world , One love to all those who came to share in the community of love and learning!!!!! Ché-vanni Beon Davids

Re-Imagined Learning Centre

I would like to thank Kaameel for being so professional and doing a fantastic job of announcing and coordinating during the conference. Ronel Kelso

I’ve been meaning to write a post to express our utmost appreciation to Zakiyya and Claire Madgwick primarily – and all their helpers and support systems – for a sterling job of arranging a most fabulous conference! The time, effort and planning must’ve been pretty tough at times, but the result was an unforgettable weekend of fun, connecting, learning, brilliant speakers, scrumptious food and refreshments. Meeting so many like-minded people in that beautiful environment was more than I could’ve wished for. Thank you doesn’t cut it really. Namasté Helen Smith

A great thank you to Zakiyya Ismail and Claire Madgwick for investing a years worth of effort putting together this amazing weekend to build a community willing to reimagine learning. Thank you all for attending, it was such a privilege to meet you and share experiences with you. Till we meet again, I wish you well in your journeys….. Ahmed Chicktay

A transformative experience. Siraj Ghoor

Open Minds Campus

What an amazing weekend. Thank you Zakiyya Ismail and Claire Madgwick for making this weekend possible. To all the fun zone Co ordinators thank you for making the fun zone such a special place. To the speakers thank you for taking the time to spend the weekend with us, sharing. As for the caterers you were 7 star. The food, the service outstanding. And for me it was an honour to reconnect and meet so many like minded families. We are growing. Vernita Reddy

Thank you Zakiyya Ismail and your team for a truly amazing conference filled with support, ideas and freedom. Kym Van Straaten

Randburg Montessori Community

Thank you so much for the wonderful 2 days I have spend with all of you, big people and small people. It was truly wonderful to see the kids having a great time and getting to know each and every single one of them. I do have to apologize for Monday Laundry day. Sonita Young

3rd teacher nature scpes

What a fabulous, mind-expanding, connecting and empowering weekend I had with my boys at this extraordinary event. Thank-you to everyone involved! Ariadne Laura Draudsing Palmos

An amazing unlearning opportunity!!! Thank you to Zakiyya Ismail and Claire Madgwick for orchestrating the Learning Reimagined Family Conference. Also many thanks to all the awesome speakers who have made us realise that we need to change our thinking to change ourselves and then our communities and ultimately the world! Personal Community Sectoral Systemic Fatima Mookadam

It was an amazing and very thought provoking experience. Thank you everyone for making this possible. Kaolin Thomson Woods

What was started all those years ago, and with how far it’s come, the aftereffects of this weekend will make this grow by leaps and bounds. This has been a dream come true for so many of us, and I’m incredibly grateful to all the wonderful souls for the prepwork and the legwork (and the cleanup!) to bring this to life. South Africa has been gifted, and self-directed learning will continue to gain the steady momentum it has, but it’ll now have the added fire of what was created during these two days to propel it forward. THANK YOU!!! Nadja Bester

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