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Hi Everybody

I am very excited about presenting some of my work at the conference. I am even more interested to hear about, see, showcase and, most importantly, celebrate our collective unschooling experiences: The learning that takes place in the most radical, unexpected and humble ways, all the time. As you may know, I am a MAFA graduate and a large part of my research project was about documenting our unschooling process at home. This was a very affirming and revealing process about what was happening.

So, what if each of the participants (unschoolers) contributed to the celebration of this practice by documenting it and sharing it at the conference? I would like to collect these documents, however they might manifest, into an exhibition at the conference.
These might take the form of videos, photographs, screenshots, performance, installation, art works or something not yet imagined. You might feel intimidated if you are not experienced in this kind of display, but remember that you are an expert at your own experience of unschooling and that this might encourage and inform other participants.

All electronic submissions are open to all unschoolers, not just those attending the conference. However, for logistical reasons, tangible submissions are only open to unschoolers that are attending the conference.

The deadline for submissions is the 15th of September 2018. It must include a short written piece, no more than 250 words, to give the submission some context. Please note that the organisers reserve the right to decline inappropriate work and to curate the display according to the specifications of the space allocated. Your submission must include instructions for display.

For further information, queries, or to submit your work or proposal please contact me.

I look forward to meeting you and celebrating the wonder of our unschooling journeys.

Kaolin Thomson

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