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1679 Cnr Vundla and Lefatola Street, Moroka, Soweto

A space, an idea, a feeling and a time to connect, share, learn and grow together towards other ways of being, living, learning and connecting.  We will explore visions of a new anti oppressive, liberated community through a decolonisation lens.  


Some of the ideas we’ll be exploring



Children are people

Ancestral Wisdom

Learning Community


African centred knowledges and knowledge systems


Who we are

We, Soweto Home/Unschoolers, Growing Minds and Re-imagined Learning centre are a collective working on social change through unschooling, homeschooling and self directed education through and with community. 

Soweto Home/Unschoolers

The Soweto Home/Unschoolers are a collective that’s been rocking Soweto for the past year.  From hosting Akilah Richards at the Raising Free People event, to organising regular gatherings for crafts, horse riding, golf and always dreaming up ways for deepening community for a more beautiful future for our children and the community we live in.

Growing Minds

Growing Minds is an exploration of ideas on decolonising parenting, childhood and education.  Ideas that are expressed through writings on the website and on and offline gatherings, including the Learning Reimagined Conference of 2017 and 2018

Re-imagined Learning Centre

Re-imagined Learning Centre is a community learning centre for youth to learn, explore and enquire through community. 



At the beautiful Enos Mafokate Equestrian Club,
1679 Cnr Vundla and Lefatola Street, Moroka

Financial Contribution

Our requested contribution is R100 per person.  We request some generosity from those of you that are able to contribute more.  R100 is not a barrier to entry. Please connect with us to explore alternative amounts and options.


All welcome.  Here are some of the people that will be in attendance, contributing to the collective experience and collective wisdom.


A free play area with boxes, fabrics, papers, pens, etc – If you have any junk you want to contribute – toilet paper or roller towel rolls, glue, anything that can be upcycled, please bring it along – but also email us – so we know what to buy or not buy. 

The talented ladies from the After School Arts Project will be there to inspire some creativity

A Zine Table

Calligraphy demonstration

An Unschooling Q&A Table


We are adding the sessions as they are confirmed.  The rest will be added as they are offered on the days. 

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