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Some of the gems for me in the conversation

“Learning does not happen inside human beings, learning happens in partnership with our environments…. The idea that learning happens inside the brain is falling apart…. The very architecture of schooling is falling apart.”

“Enchantment is everywhere….”
YES!! I love this idea.  I am trying to be really intentional about seeing enchantment everywhere. Being open to it.

“Our children are leading the way and it is time we put them in front and we listen to them more than we thought we were listening to them.”
PROFOUND!  Got me thinking deeply on how to heed these words in my daily actions. It stimulated some other radical ideas that I am very excited about. 

Let me stop here and leave you to your own experience with Bayo’s talk.

Some handy links if you’d like to engage further with Bayo’s work:

Bayo’s Website
Bayo’s Facebook Page

Hope you Enjoy it. 

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