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The annual unschoolers camp has become a permanent spot on many family’s calendars. Each year new families arrive and so the community, connection and fun grows. This Nov sees the 7th Annual Unschoolers’ Weekend. Unschooling families will gather once again in the most beautiful of settings, sharing stories and joys, passions and dreams. It is a special time where we find ourselves in a space where our education and parenting choices are not just respected, but celebrated,
a space where we are not judged but inspired,
a space where we learn to celebrate this amazing path that we have chosen.
But most importantly, the kids have a blast, the adults have a blast, it’s an overall blast.

If that’s not enough, there’s mountain biking and biking around the resort, hiking, visiting some of the beautiful waterfalls in the area, warm and cold swimming pools, tennis, chess, a river to play in….

There’s LOTS OF EATING… And the Saturday evening is a bring and braai… Although we all inevitably gravitate to eating together most of the time anyway…

Friday the 17 to Monday the 20 November. Arrive earlier or later as your schedule allows you to. Leaving early is hard (Just saying)…

Venue:  Merry Pebbles, Sabie, Mpumalanga.  BOOKING IS DIRECTLY WITH THE VENUE

What are the accommodation options:
There is a variety available, beautiful camp sites with electrical points under huge beautiful tress and various sized chalets. So chose what suits your family’s needs and book directly with the resort. The website is quite informative.
We are normally a mix of campers, glampers (you know who you are 😉 ) and chaleters (I know that’s not a real word, but can’t think of one right now)

Food Options:
Cater for your own families especially littlies, fussy eaters and those with food issues, but be prepared to share. There is an onsite restaurant, and Sabie itself also has plenty of places to eat… And pancakes too…
There’s a fairly well equipped Spar in Sabie town as well.
On Saturday evening we all gather to eat together.

Chalets are well equipped for preparing meals…

What else is on:
Cycling in and around the resort is a big deal and the kids love it!
The resort is cycle friendly, so all the kids tend to ride from tent to tent and tent to swimming pools, tent and to bathroom and from nowhere in particular to nowhere to in particular… The more dedicated riders will also be going out to ride early in the mornings, as Sabie is a mountain biking haven.

Forest/Waterfall Walk:
We will definitely try to fit in a walk, which we can decide on depending on weather, age of kids, etc. Comfortable walking shoes are recommended. Warning: We have been too lazy to do a walk for the last 2 years. Maybe 2017 will be different

There is a warm and cold water swimming pool so swimming is guaranteed regardless of the weather.
You can also hire tubes, and tube in the river in the resort.

The tennis court is also very nicely surfaced, so if you like to play, bring your racquets.

Cards, board games, Badmington, Werewolfs is always a hit especially with the incredible hosts, musical instruments etc would be cool as well.

Can I attend if I’m not really unschooling
If you’re comfortable with unschooling, then you’re welcome. The point of the weekend is to create a time and space for unschoolers who generally find themselves in a somewhat hostile, misunderstood or unsupported environment. If you feel you will also benefit from a space like that you are welcome.

I’d like to attend but I don’t know anybody attending
Hmmm… Do we really want to have that Soicalization discussion?? Don’t worry if you don’t know anybody. In the 6 camps we’ve had so far, strangers arrived and close friends left…

What’s the age range of the people attending
From toddlers to 50+… And quite a few teens… We’ve even had a 2 month old!

If you have any further questions, feel free to ask away via the Facebook event or via email

Looking forward to seeing some of you.

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